Enotmik Font Now Available


Almost a year in the making, Enotmik is now available as a two weight display font. Designed on a grid, Enotmik is made up of 90º and 45º angles and pays homage to legendary typefaces Helvetica and Avant Garde. Download the Enotmik specimen (PDF) to view the full glyph set.

I want like to thank everyone that has given me input on the design and helped me make it a better typeface.

Weights: Light, Bold.
Format: OpenType PS (.otf)


ITC Lubalin Graph


I’m not much of a serif guy but I do love ITC Lubalin Graph. It’s basically a serif version of Avant Garde designed in 1974 by Herb Lubalin. The forms are identical in both typefaces, but Lubalin Graph contains slab serifs giving it the beauty of Avant Garde but with a more traditional feel. I know there’s an alternates version that contains special slanted letters and ligatures but I can’t find it anywhere. The entire family can be had for around $200 which includes Extra Light, Book, Medium, Demi and Bold. I might have to invest in this. There is also a condensed version but I doesn’t look that great.

If anyone has anymore info about this face or the alternates version, please shoot me an email. Thanks.        

My Avant Garde Collection


Recently I started to collecting vintage Avant Garde Magazines, mainly the ones with the pretty covers full of Avant Garde goodness. Herb Lubalin did a wonder job with this magazine. His interior layout designs are simple, clean and beautiful to look at and the typeface is one of my favorites. It’s amazing how the typeface has gone on to be such a big part of the modern design culture. I see the damn thing everywhere, even in cheesy catalogs and signage, and it’s butcher most of the time. But when used correctly it can be a wonderful thing.

Anyway, my collection is small, it only consists of issues 8, 11 and 13. Issue 8 is unique since it was released with 3 different covers. One white, one tan and one in a thick brown paper stock. Looks great in person.

Check out my Flickr page for more photos.