Business Cards of Minimal Designers

Brockmann Rand Business Cards

I found this image while surfing around this morning. Don’t know about authenticity, but supposedly, these are the business cards of Josef Müller-Brockmann, Paul Rand, Adrian Frutiger and Helmut Schmid. I’ve seen the Paul Rand card before, so that one could be legit. Either way, these are lovely. The Frutiger card is definitely the least functional.

Update: Michael Bierut confirmed on Twitter that the Rand and Müller-Brockmann are the real deal.

Elegant Stationery


This new stationary by Xavier Encinas is very simple but at the same time very elegant. Some people might accuse this of not being “designed” but to me the most talented designers can take something so simple and make it extraordinary.

Xavier had these letterpress on 700gr Sirio black paper with silver ink and set everything in Helvetica Neue Bold.