Enotmik Font Now Available


Almost a year in the making, Enotmik is now available as a two weight display font. Designed on a grid, Enotmik is made up of 90º and 45º angles and pays homage to legendary typefaces Helvetica and Avant Garde. Download the Enotmik specimen (PDF) to view the full glyph set.

I want like to thank everyone that has given me input on the design and helped me make it a better typeface.

Weights: Light, Bold.
Format: OpenType PS (.otf)


22 thoughts on “Enotmik Font Now Available

  1. Jay, thanks. Helvetica and Avant Garde inspired me a lot when I was designing this face. For example the K was inspired by the K in Helvetica and the slanted A and V were inspired by the Alternates version of Avant Garde.

  2. I’m sorry Antonio but c’mon, it’s one ugly typeface. bold weight is even ugliest! and 1 year to make this thing?

    everybody! be real and say the truth!

  3. I’m happy for you Jim. I’m sure you’ll use it for your next project!
    I really want to see it!

  4. Mr. reality, the face didn’t take 1 year to make cause it was complicated but because I procrastinated. I worked on it on and off for almost a year. And if you don’t like the font then don’t buy it. Simple as that.

  5. I like it, pretty tech the font. just bought it yesterday. carry on!, i like your site really much

  6. I love it, and would be more than willing to buy it if it would support glyphs for CE languages.

    Please let me know if you consider to upgrade the version of the typeface.

  7. Not to wake up an old thread from it’s slumber but I quite like the bold version of the font too and would definitely use it for T-shirt. I don’t like the Light as much but each to their own ey?

    Great work. I just made a poster on procrastination, I know the feeling.

  8. I would like to buy this font. When I am re directed to the aisle one site I can’t get any further. Is it still available ? I see the last comment is 2010.

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