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2010 Calendar Wallpaper

I’ve been working on a 2010 calendar poster that I plan to have letterpressed and figured that it would also work well as a wallpaper. So I put some wallpapers together based on the poster design that features a 2010 calendar and the year written out in English, Italian, French and German. Available in pink and white at 1920×1200.        

Ask And You Will Receive


I got a request from a reader to create a black version of the first Rome wallpaper so here is it. Enjoy.


Another Rome Wallpaper


Here’s another design using the “Rome Was Not Built In A Suit” phrase. I just purchased the Avant Garde Alternates and wanted to give them a try.

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Rome Was Not Built In A Suit Wallpaper


I cranked out this wallpaper last night based on a phrase written by my co-worker. Avant Garde, a grid system, pink, green and black. What else do you need?

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Grids Are Good For The Soul Wallpapers


For all those that missed out on the Grids Are Good For The Soul posters, here are some wallpapers to satisfy your needs. Using the same Brockmann quote, I created two wallpapers, one set in Helvetica and the other set in Lubalin Graph. The grid is also visible which you can’t see in the thumbnails.

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I Love Typography Wallpaper

I Love Typography Wallpaper

Here’s an early holiday present for all readers out there. I initially made this for the superb type blog, I Love Typography, but I ended up making a different one for them. I still love how this came out so I wanted to share it with everyone. It’s sort of a homage to typography, with meanings of some familiar type terms at the bottom, and I initially used the grid as a design tool but then decided to make it part of the design itself. It’s only available in 1920×1200 because if I resize it, the grid gets funky. Head over to the Wallpaper section to download this dope ass wallpaper.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Happy holidays.