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Colosseo Letterpress Print


An extraordinary poster by the ridiculously talented Cameron Moll, that took a year to make. An image of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy is formed using handcrafted characters from the Goudy Trajan and Bembo Pro typefaces.

Each poster is printed on Somerset Velvet Black or Crane Lettra Pearl and letterpressed by Bjørn Press of Provo, Utah.

I’m simply amazed but the level of detail and the quality of the piece, but what I’m truly impressed by is the dedication and commitment by Cameron to stick with it for an entire year. It was totally worth it.        

Another Rome Wallpaper


Here’s another design using the “Rome Was Not Built In A Suit” phrase. I just purchased the Avant Garde Alternates and wanted to give them a try.

Head over to the Wallpapers page to download.        

Rome Was Not Built In A Suit Wallpaper


I cranked out this wallpaper last night based on a phrase written by my co-worker. Avant Garde, a grid system, pink, green and black. What else do you need?

Head over to the Wallpapers page to download.