2011 Calendar Wallpapers


**Update** If you’ve downloaded the wallpapers, please download them again. I fixed an issue with the numbers being misaligned.

A lot of you have been asking about this year’s wallpaper, and I finally got around to getting it done. This year the full calendar is broken up into 3 wallpapers. Each one has 4 months and the colors get darker as the year progresses. As expected, I went with a simple design with more of a focus on the months and I’ve continued the multi-language theme. It comes in only one size: 1920×1200. I hope you enjoy it.

Download the zip file with all three wallpapers.

Grids Are Good For The Soul Wallpapers


For all those that missed out on the Grids Are Good For The Soul posters, here are some wallpapers to satisfy your needs. Using the same Brockmann quote, I created two wallpapers, one set in Helvetica and the other set in Lubalin Graph. The grid is also visible which you can’t see in the thumbnails.

Head over to the Wallpapers page to download them.