Another Rome Wallpaper


Here’s another design using the “Rome Was Not Built In A Suit” phrase. I just purchased the Avant Garde Alternates and wanted to give them a try.

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11 Comments on "Another Rome Wallpaper"

  • Joey says

    I like this one, Antonio. Would you mind explaining this design a little further?

  • Antonio says

    Thanks Joey. Nothing much to really explain. I wanted to mess around with the Avant Garde Alternates and I also have a current obsession with diagonals.

  • Tnx for this. Not that i dislike the white version but for my old eyes a pure white on my desk is unusable.
    Maybe a black version like ‘the grid are good for the soul’ one? 🙂

  • Sweet!
    Well jealous… I want the Avant Garde Alternatives so bad.

  • Antonio says

    You want a black version of this one or the first one?

  • Andrew says

    I usually don’t like it when counters are filled in, but I think it works in this case.

    The phrase is catchy enough; I could see it as the new slogan for Threadless or T-Shirt Hell. Personally though, I do get a little tired of the hostility that most creatives seem to have towards the suit and tie. I happen to think a well-dressed man is one who knows how to wear a suit without looking like one.

    Hey, there’s a new one for Men’s Wearhouse.

  • Antonio says

    Andrew, I’m definitely not one of those people. I love wearing suits for the right occasion, I actually own 3 suits, but the phrase is more about the stuffy corporate stiffs who wear suits than an attack on the suit itself.

  • Too Kind. I don’t want (who am i to pretend something from you?) but i would like a black version of the first one 🙂

  • Antonio says

    No problem. I’ll try to post one tonight.

  • Adam says

    This is one of the nicest pieces i’ve seen in awhile, I’m in love with it. I love the way everything lines up and the diagonals just flow ever so nicely. Slap that on a t-shirt, i’d buy it.

    I’m thinking of purchasing the Avant Garde Alternatives now myself after seeing this.

  • Antonio says

    Adam, I’ve been thinking about making a shirt out of this. Stay tuned.