16 iPhone Wallpapers

16 iPhone Wallpapers

I was bored tonight and was also bored with the default wallpapers that come loaded with the iPhone so I sat down and created these 16 wallpapers. Click here to download them all. Enjoy.


3 Comments on "16 iPhone Wallpapers"

  • Kevin says

    Very nice. I’ve been meaning to make a few wallpapers myself, but now I’ll have plenty of good stuff to grace my iPhone until a rainy day. I must say I’m partial to the Helvetica, but they’re all pretty sweet.

  • Brian says

    slightly inspired by this?
    if not, check out this site, good stuff.
    nice work.

  • Rita Simmons says

    Great wallpapers…thanks for the post. Came across a small site which had some pretty cool papers.