Rome Was Not Built In A Suit Wallpaper


I cranked out this wallpaper last night based on a phrase written by my co-worker. Avant Garde, a grid system, pink, green and black. What else do you need?

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6 Comments on "Rome Was Not Built In A Suit Wallpaper"

  • Andrew says

    It wasn’t built in jeans and a t-shirt either.

  • Greg Formager says

    Rome was built with passion.

  • Charlie says


  • john says

    i really dont think this is upto you usual standard

  • Antonio says

    I wanted to try something different. Personally, I love it.

  • I do like the offset letters, but I think for the purpose of a wallpaper it should have a different (other than white) background. It’s hard to look at an all-white monitor in my bear-den-like workstation which is so dense not even light can escape.

    I do like the other wallpaper by this site, even though the sayings sometimes escape my comprehension, they are elegantly designed and make brilliant use of typography.