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Construction Technologies Australia


Here’s some brilliant design work by War Design for adhesive manufacturer Construction Technologies Australia (CTA). I personally love the contrast of the modern design with a very technical product. The beautiful design not only makes the products visual interesting, but it creates a functional labeling system that’s super easy to comprehend.

Via Lovely Package        

Human Being


Happy New Year folks! Kind of bummed that the holiday season is over. Oh well, now it’s back to work.

I received an email from Origin68, makers of this pretty cool Human Being t-shirt that represents a human in the form of a product label. I love informative, label-type designs like this. Pretty clever.        



Designer Jeff Sheldon has just launched Ugmonk, a clothing brand focused on providing high-quality products with simple, yet fresh graphics. Gorgeous tee’s.        

Le Sucre Clothing


German based clothing label Le Sucre has a new collection featuring some beautiful type designs.