Program Your 808 Posters


This is great. Program Your 808 is a series of posters by Rob Ricketts that show popular drum sequences that were programmed using the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine. The posters are beautiful and they also allow you to re-programme each sequence for your own pleasure.

You can grab a copy of the posters here.

10×10 Series by Method


In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Method has released the 10×10 series, which will focus on game changing topics that will
fundamentally impact today’s brands and their search for new revenue streams. The series includes essays, salons, and speaking engagements by industry leaders.

The first issue of the series, “Cable’s Lost Generation“, takes a look at the future of television and digital communications. A downloadable PDF of this issue is available on the site.

When my boss dropped a copy of the first issue on my desk a few weeks ago and I was immediately impressed by the stunning design. Well done in my book, but coming from Method, it’s expected.