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Donna Wearmouth


I’m in love with these stunning posters for the Quadra Gallery by designer Donna Wearmouth. The mix of the simple shapes and black and white are just pefect.

Anouk Rehorek


Even though I’ve never done it, I love magazine design. Something about seeing a well-designed spread get’s my creative juices flowing. It’s unfortunate that the magazine industry is hurting because I’d hate to lose all the great creative.

Some of the best magazine designs I’ve seen are by Swiss graphic designer, Anouk Rehorek. His use of black and white color along with serif type is stunning and the way he integrates imagery really creates a perfect balance.        

Human Being


Happy New Year folks! Kind of bummed that the holiday season is over. Oh well, now it’s back to work.

I received an email from Origin68, makers of this pretty cool Human Being t-shirt that represents a human in the form of a product label. I love informative, label-type designs like this. Pretty clever.        

Lucas Nasson


Some lovely work here by NYC based designer Lucas Nasson.

Pictured here is a poster for an event at Lincoln Center. Love the black & white and the grid. The image is a little tall but worth it to see the entire piece.        

Martin Dominguez


Here’s a sweet poster by Martin Dominguez that charts each instrument in the song Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division.

Man, this song is definitely popular with graphic designers.