6 thoughts on “Donna Wearmouth

  1. Black & white minimal design can be very effective in visual communication, as seen in this example. In spite its simplicity, it takes good designer’s eyes to achieve balance and harmony, and when it’s done properly can be very cost-effective to clients. The Geometry of Pasta is another great example for minimalism in b&w design. I wrote a piece about the book by design Caz Hildebrand for the DesignClinic/Blog.ca.

  2. So there are 4 comments but only 2 are shown. Does that mean the requirement for comments is that they agree with your comments 100%? I find that hard to believe…
    ps I do like many of your posts.

    1. Not at all. Where did you get that from? The comments not showing are trackbacks and pingbacks from other blogs mentioning the post. To keep the discussion clean, I don’t display them.

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