Martin Dominguez


Here’s a sweet poster by Martin Dominguez that charts each instrument in the song Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division.

Man, this song is definitely popular with graphic designers.        

6 Comments on "Martin Dominguez"

  • MP says

    Wow. Solid work. I really like Martin’s “Crisis Poster”. Thanks for the link!


  • Coen says

    This is really nice, quite a find Antonio!

  • I’ve honestly tried to like that song, but every time I give it another listen, I turn it off after 20 or so seconds!

  • Dan says

    @ David – Try harder, it’s ace!!

    Although, will somebody please do a poster on a different theme – there seems to be way too many Joy Division themed posters now; it’s losing its cool.

  • Larry says

    Let’s be honest – there are too many posters on any theme. Joy Division simply gets the right attention.

    I like this one.

  • Heads up:

    I love it i love it.