’72 Munich Olympics Merchandise Catalog

Munich '72 merchandise catalog

Saw this ’72 Munich Olympics Merchandise Catalog over at the Creative Review blog and thought it was pretty neat. When we think of the Munich Olympics identity, we always think about the great posters, brochures and programs, but in fact there was a ton of other items that were just as great. Love those striped tote bags. All of these other goodies, along with this catalog, were created by the German firm, Fahnen-Fleck.

Read more over at Creative Review.

Design Museum x State of the Obvious

Mash Creative and Design Museum have joined forces to develop a collection of products under the State of the Obvious S/O/T/O brand. The collection is exclusivity available at Design Museum and includes an iPhone 3 & 4 and iPad 1 & 2 GelaSkins, Staedtler Marker Pens, USB Sticks, Travel Card Wallets and Keyrings.

Creative Director, Mark Bloom explains:

Extending the philosophy & thinking behind our branded State of the Obvious collection, we have designed a set of products exclusively for the Design Museum.

The design of these products has been heavily influenced by the International Typographic Style from the 50’s and 60’s & shows an evolution from our original S/O/T/O collection. It has been designed to appeal to typography and design lovers alike.

At S/O/T/O we design and produce products which not only look good but also have a useful function.

The Launch of Vetted


This new is about a week old, but I wanted to mention it to all of you because it’s something I’m personally proud of.

About a week ago, I launched a new venture. A lifestyle store called Vetted. Essentially, it’s a collection of goods that can compliment a modern way of life. From stationery to clothing, we look for unique goods that are exceptionally crafted and functional. We also offer a variety of independent magazines that you don’t find often at your local newsstand.

For the branding, which is actually still in development, I wanted to keep it extremely simple and stripped down. The triangle in the logo has two meanings: it represents a funnel, emphasizing the curation process we take, and it also a representation of a V. For the type treatment I went with Futura because it had the lines and the attitude that I was after. I did slight modifications to the E and D to make it feel more balanced with the triangle.

The simple, stripped-down aesthetic is carried into the site, and eventually will extended to other identity pieces.

All in all, it’s been a great experience so far and I’m excited to see where I’m going to take the brand.

As a small thank you to all of you loyal readers, I’ve setup a 15% discount code that you can use if you’d like. Just enter SHOPIFY70URPTIW at checkout.

Edits by Edit


Edits for Edit is a project that features very limited edition posters by select designers that were asked to pick a genre of music, and create a design using only one element and one typeface. The A1 posters are screen printed on French Paper Pop Tone and for sale on the site.

The New Wave poster featured here is by my good friend Duane King.

Mash Creative 2010 Calendar


Last week I received this gorgeous Limited Edition A1 calendar designed by Mash Creative. The posters are printed 2 colour litho on 170gsm cyclus offset with a 60% cyan shiner to achieve an extra rich black. Each poster
is hand numbered and signed by the designer. Only 100 were printed and you can purchase one exclusively from Counter Objects.