The Launch of Vetted


This new is about a week old, but I wanted to mention it to all of you because it’s something I’m personally proud of.

About a week ago, I launched a new venture. A lifestyle store called Vetted. Essentially, it’s a collection of goods that can compliment a modern way of life. From stationery to clothing, we look for unique goods that are exceptionally crafted and functional. We also offer a variety of independent magazines that you don’t find often at your local newsstand.

For the branding, which is actually still in development, I wanted to keep it extremely simple and stripped down. The triangle in the logo has two meanings: it represents a funnel, emphasizing the curation process we take, and it also a representation of a V. For the type treatment I went with Futura because it had the lines and the attitude that I was after. I did slight modifications to the E and D to make it feel more balanced with the triangle.

The simple, stripped-down aesthetic is carried into the site, and eventually will extended to other identity pieces.

All in all, it’s been a great experience so far and I’m excited to see where I’m going to take the brand.

As a small thank you to all of you loyal readers, I’ve setup a 15% discount code that you can use if you’d like. Just enter SHOPIFY70URPTIW at checkout.

13 Comments on "The Launch of Vetted"

  • Tony says


  • nexxai says

    You misspelled “collection” in your graphic. 🙁

  • I’m making up my own words folks. I’m exhausted. Will have to fix it tomorrow.

  • Cheers, love it! A shame some stuff is already out of stock but I’ve placed an order all the same.


  • Gmno says

    I love it! Congratulations!

  • Mod says

    love it. congrats!

  • I’m a fan

  • Max says

    Good luck with this new beginning!

  • Jessica says

    I love how clean your online store is! I love the one-of-a-kind items you sell there as well!

    I noticed that your “shop” on is linked to your old (I assume) Bigcartel online store. I haven’t started an online store but want to some day.
    I would really appreciate it if you could tell us which e-commerce service you are using for Vetted. It doesn’t seem like you use Bigcartel for Vetted.

  • Antonio, I had no idea you were behind the website. I just got my O-Check notebook and absolutely love it. Amazing site. Can not wait to see it expanded further.

    • Nicholas, thanks. Those notebooks are gorgeous.

  • I didn’t realise you were behind Vetted – I featured your two shirts on

    Good luck with your store, looks good.


  • nate says

    You should carry some of the posters you feature on this site