’72 Munich Olympics Merchandise Catalog

Munich '72 merchandise catalog

Saw this ’72 Munich Olympics Merchandise Catalog over at the Creative Review blog and thought it was pretty neat. When we think of the Munich Olympics identity, we always think about the great posters, brochures and programs, but in fact there was a ton of other items that were just as great. Love those striped tote bags. All of these other goodies, along with this catalog, were created by the German firm, Fahnen-Fleck.

Read more over at Creative Review.

2 Comments on "’72 Munich Olympics Merchandise Catalog"

  • Nice collection of vintage products. I am not sure what those coffin looking things are but I am digging them.

  • Nikolay says

    Awesome stuff form the 70’s 😉 I really like the design concepts and the photography work of this period.