Braun Brochures

Braun Brochures

I stumbled upon these Braun brochures on the Das Programm’s Flickr and I love them. There are two distinct designs at work here, but they’re both well-done. Great photography, color and the product is king. Wish I knew who designed these, but if I had to guess I’d say they were done by Wolfgang Schmittel. Anyone know for sure?

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  • These are fabulous!

  • tyler says

    These look great, and you are right.. the colors are excellent.

  • Will says

    wow, these are incredible and the photography is superb.

  • These are just fantastic. Bookmarking that Flickr!

  • victor says

    Antonio, the designer may also be Dieter Rams, who is the most iconic Braun’s industrial designer, mostly in entertainmentproducts (tuners, pickups,…). He has been the greatest inspiration for Apple’s designers as well.

    • Hi Victor, I’m quite familiar with Rams’ work, and I’m pretty sure he never did any graphic design work. I doubt he designed these brochures.

  • Hi Antonio, Schmittel was the main director of the graphic design for Braun when these brochures were printed.
    A lot of informations are available (in german) here:
    Google translation is usefull.
    (anyaway, thanks for the link)