Nooka Zub Zayu Watch


The Zub Zayu is the latest release from lifestyle brand, Nooka. Taken from the Japanese word, sayu, meaning left and right, The Zayu is an ambidextrous design that wears well on both left and right wrists. Like all Nooka products, this watch exhibits a simple, minimal, but unique design.

You can pre-order the watch.

The Future Distilled

nooka fragrance

When it comes to lifestyle brands, there are two companies that stand out from the rest. One is Apple, the other is a small but awesome company called Nooka. I’ve written about them before and their excellent line of timepieces. The company was born in 1997 by artist and designer, Matthew Waldman.

Recently Matthew and his team launched a few new products that expand the brand and will change the way you think about other objects. The new products are a Nooka fragrance, Asset Organizer and Strip.

I had the pleasure of sampling the fragrance when I took a tour of the Nooka office and it smells great. The Asset Organizer is a system of containers much like a wallet and the Strip is a belt featuring an innovative snap and release closure system designed and developed by Nooka. What stands out the most from these products is their simplistic design and function and the innovative thinking behind each them. Nooka is slowing becoming my favorite brand and I look forward to future products.        

The Time Has Finally Come


I’m upgraded to this bad boy today. Last night I installed an unofficially version of the 2.0 software so I can play around with all the new apps and I must say this new phase of the iPhone is going to be revolutionary, not that the first phase wasn’t. The third party applications and games are mind blowing. Nothing you’ve ever seen on a mobile device.