Sharebrain Interviews Me


The web designer/developer resource site Sharebrain has conducted an interview with yours truly. Check it out if you care to learn a little more about me.

Oh, sorry for the typos in the interview. I already contacted them and they’re fixing it.        

11 Comments on "Sharebrain Interviews Me"

  • Jesse says

    Nice interview, Antonio. Although I have to disagree on that matter that we are ‘just making things look pretty.’ Yes, many take work far too seriously, but I think one of the biggest problems in the representation of design is that our profession is not taken seriously enough as a social influence. Of course we’ll never cure cancer with design, but we sure have the power to make a difference.

  • Antonio says

    Jesse I definitely agree with you on that front but there are many people in the industry that take a simple task like creating a banner ad and overdo it. And I don’t mean in a design sense. It’s more about what happens behind the scenes, all the politics and what not that are involved. I think in the ad industry it’s the worst. I’ve been on simple projects that can done by two people in a few days that have around 10 people with ridiculous titles assigned to it. It can get nuts.

  • MP says

    Nice article Antonio. Glad to see a fellow Radiohead fan. Cheers.


  • Xavier Encinas says

    Antonio, thanks for wanting to make an interview with me 🙂

  • thomas says

    Hi Antonio,
    thx again for answering our questions. For me it was very interesting to read… and i think so it was for our readers too.

    all the best,
    thomas | admin sharebrain

  • Good insight. I totally agree about easing into the day, wel that is unless a deadline is looming!

  • That was a good read Antonio 😉 Mine should be up next week. Cheers again for getting me involved. You’re a legend 😉

  • Great interview Antonio, I also have to “ease into” my day.

  • Great interview, Antonio. I check in with your site all day, so it’s nice to learn a little more about what makes you tick. I dig it, for real.

  • Antonio says

    Daniel, thanks for reading.

  • Antonio says

    Glad everyone enjoyed the interview.