Nooka Zub Zayu Watch


The Zub Zayu is the latest release from lifestyle brand, Nooka. Taken from the Japanese word, sayu, meaning left and right, The Zayu is an ambidextrous design that wears well on both left and right wrists. Like all Nooka products, this watch exhibits a simple, minimal, but unique design.

You can pre-order the watch.

6 thoughts on “Nooka Zub Zayu Watch

  1. So what time does this watch display?
    It’s a beautiful looking watch but practically useless. Pure form over function is never really acceptable unless it is simply art. A watch is for function.

    Given, It does look cool and i still want one 🙂

  2. Nooka watches are very functional, I own one myself. It’s a different way of telling time, so there is a slight learning curve, but you get the hang of it in a few hours. It’s simple. The 12 ovals to the left represent the hours. The wider bar represents minutes, and the thin bar to the right represents seconds. So the time looks like it’s around 7:25 AM.

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