Milwaukee Police Department

Milwaukee Police Department

This was a pleasent surprise. The Milwaukee Police Department recently launched a beautiful and informative website for itself. It was designed by Cramer-Krasselt pro-bono and developed by LISS Interactive. The great design is a big plus, but what strikes me the most about this website is how the content is easily accessible and presented in a clear way. This is a great example on how good design can educate and inform the people. My only issue with the site is the overdone parallax effect.

Dino’s Pizza

Dinos pizza site

I recently just finished a simple site for my families pizzeria, Dino’s Pizza. It’s a one-pager that has a responsive layout, accommodating screen widths from 1280px all the down to an iPhone. Fluid site design is the way to go in my opinion, especially now that people are viewing sites on multiple devices. I used the 1140 CSS framework as the base for my code, and then tweaked it from there.

Overall, I’m happy with it. I wanted to do more with animation, but I really didn’t have the time.

Thinking for a Living Relaunches


A new and improved site for Thinking for a Living has launched! The site, in my opinion, is at the forefront of interactive design. It’s a great example of why Flash isn’t the only means of creating a dynamic interactive experience.

The site was designed by BBDK and Frank Chimero and built by Jedi Knight Ian Coyle. It features keyboard navigation, a fine grid, and a ton of original and inspirational content.

I’m super excited and proud to be a part of this fine network of people and sites. TFAL is a must read for any creative type.