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London based agency Purpose has designed this wonderful mailer for business consultancy EFFP. The design of the entire mailer is an exercise in perfection. You can see more photos of the booklet on my Flickr page.

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Nu 2009 Calendar


2009 calendar by a small design study in Brazil called Nu. It’s screenprinted on a 0.70 mm thick polypropylene sized at A1.

In portuguese, all days of the week, except for Saturday and Sunday, are referred to by numbers. Monday is Second, Tuesday is Third, etc.

The generous guys at Nu sent me a copy of each and they’re gorgeous up close.

You can check out the black version on my Flickr page.        

Design Is A Hell Of A Drug


Design is powerful. Most people in this world don’t even know how powerful good design can be. It can be addictive like a drug. It can suck you in and make you do things without you even knowing. Design can make you buy something you don’t need or it can make you visit a place you don’t even care for. It happens to me all the time, and I know it’s because of design, and I love it. I welcome it.

Take for example this stunning packaging and store branding design by BVD for a cafe in Sweden. It’s gorgeous, absolutely stunning in my opinion. Black, white and flush left, ragged right type. Perfect.

For one, I would hang out in this cafe all day long, it looks like typography heaven. I’d eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in this place just so I could appreciate and enjoy the beautiful design work. I would then buy all sorts of things I don’t need just so I could get my hands on the brilliant packaging. I would be possessed. That’s how powerful good design can be.

By the way, who can name the typeface they’re using?

Anyway, check out BVD’s excellent portfolio, especially this.        

Wine In A Can


I love the simple design of this wine can by swedish designers Jens Andersson and Jonas Forsman. I’m not sure how wine would taste from a can, but I’d definitely buy one for its aesthetic value.

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Studio View


This poster by UK based Studio View is absolutely gorgeous. White type set in Helvetica on solid black is stunning. I have to see if I can get my hands on this. Definitely check out the rest of their work as well.

Via FormFiftyFive