Design Is A Hell Of A Drug


Design is powerful. Most people in this world don’t even know how powerful good design can be. It can be addictive like a drug. It can suck you in and make you do things without you even knowing. Design can make you buy something you don’t need or it can make you visit a place you don’t even care for. It happens to me all the time, and I know it’s because of design, and I love it. I welcome it.

Take for example this stunning packaging and store branding design by BVD for a cafe in Sweden. It’s gorgeous, absolutely stunning in my opinion. Black, white and flush left, ragged right type. Perfect.

For one, I would hang out in this cafe all day long, it looks like typography heaven. I’d eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in this place just so I could appreciate and enjoy the beautiful design work. I would then buy all sorts of things I don’t need just so I could get my hands on the brilliant packaging. I would be possessed. That’s how powerful good design can be.

By the way, who can name the typeface they’re using?

Anyway, check out BVD’s excellent portfolio, especially this.        

19 thoughts on “Design Is A Hell Of A Drug

  1. i really would like to know what font they´re using. Some modification of the AvantGarde maybe. I searched a lot but i couldn´t find one that machted 100%.

  2. I really love the execution and application, but I wish they’d take their caps lock off.

  3. Great find. Type heaven with coffee and food to boot! SDL is also amazing. I posted about them a while back. The food packaging for IKEA is great. I really love work where the type is so strong it can hold its own and be bold at the same time.

  4. I’m not sure what typeface they used but I’m trying to find out because I love it. I emailed BVD and I’ll keep you guys posted.

  5. great post, i love strong and stimulating typography. can’t wait for you guys to find out the typeface is so i can start using it!


  6. Did we find the typeface yet? It looks like plain ole Future with tight kerning and mods on the “A” character. If not, then very close!!!

  7. (more fun to answer you here Antonio)
    Wonderful to hear your curiosity!
    The typeface was inspired by the standard Aviso peg board letter system used by sign makers in Sweden in the mid 20thC. A rare combination of Futura and Akzindenz Grotesk (2 all time favorites). We haven’t yet developed it into a digital font – sorry! – Susanna from BVD

  8. Susanna, thanks so much for the info. If you guys ever make a font out of it, I’ll be the first one to purchase it. It’s gorgeous.

    By the way, what’s an Aviso peg board?

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