Wine In A Can


I love the simple design of this wine can by swedish designers Jens Andersson and Jonas Forsman. I’m not sure how wine would taste from a can, but I’d definitely buy one for its aesthetic value.

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16 Comments on "Wine In A Can"

  • eben says

    looks like a mini propane tank…or a grenade.

  • Richard says

    Just…want…to…touch. Not sure I’d drink it, though!

  • frank says

    Very cool design. I agree with you though – not too sure about the taste of canned wine? Weird.

  • Ryan Y. says

    Looks nice but if it does not entice you to drink the contents is it a good piece of design?

  • Andrew says

    As a work of design, it’s excellent. As a work of package design, it’s less than appealing.

    It looks like some sort of air-surface bomb.

  • Antonio says

    As far as being appealing, almost all wine bottles are very very dark. I’m almost positive that the black is being used to preserve the wine. I personally love the shape of it and that alone would get me to buy it. I think that says something right there. It’s about time someone tries something different with the shape of a can.

  • Maria says

    excelent design: this why GOOD packaging makes any product a stellar product!

  • henry says

    sexy and modern. loves the curves and minimalist look (and that dash of colors at the bottom) to it.

    great work:)

  • Nice concept.. I agree, I’m not sure its look advances the combination of this particular packaging with wine, but it’s cool… (It may be better suited for a sports or energy drink.) Perhaps even motor oil… But the packaging doesn’t appear “green” at first glance– either..( I could be wrong). In the 1970s, cities and beaches etc., were filled with those dangerous and hideous pop top metal shards from soda and beer cans. It created a (semi) major environmental mess and public hazard. Seems like a lot of packaging (in the opening mechanism) to get the thing open… even though it looks very cool.

  • Aaron says

    just from the fact that it’s a different kind of design for a wine bottle makes me want to buy it. It looks simple and deadly from its gun metal paint job. It’s modern, chic, and deadly. [it will blow your mind]
    hah this makes me think of metal gear solid.

  • Róisín says

    Looks like a gas bottle (normally yellow or blue). Is the wine sparkling? Do you get a good pop when you open it? Beer tastes different from a can than a bottle. I wonder would wine taste different? Would I drink straight from the can? Maybe if the design shape was upside down and looked more like metal goblet or wine glass. I think this design is aimed to get more men to drink wine? Weaning oneself away from the beer can. Would you guzzle or wip wine from this can?

  • Ferret says

    the first I thought when I saw this was “no way am I drinking what’s inside”.

  • Although I am a bit skeptical of the taste of the wine after being stored in a metal container, the design alone makes it a must buy for most designers or wine drinkers.
    Refreshing design I must say.

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  • van delft says

    Dear Mr Carusone,is this a registrated can and if not can it be bought somewhere and used for our own drinks?

  • Dennis says

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