Press 1

Press 1 is a brochure featuring recent work printed by Team Impression. Printed on GF Smith Colourplan Yellow Sorbet 135gsm, Press 1 features work by Design Project, Spin, Saturday, Six and Made Thought.

I wish there were more detailed shots of the brochure but I checked the TI site and didn’t find any reference to it. I’d love to get a copy it as well.

UPDATE: I was sent some hi-res images from the guys at Six, so I’ll be posting them tomorrow.

Via Six        

6 Comments on "Press 1"

  • Jakob says

    That really is some awesome color-work.

  • Maria says

    The work feels impressive, but that website is not very good as portfolio.
    It is soooo cool as website that forgets its main purpose; to show the work:
    -the images are tiny
    -not much variety of images
    -and there all that motion for the sake of coolness…

    even a flickr page would be more helpful.

  • Antonio says

    Maria, I agree. The site is doens’t show much work, doesn’t even mention Press 1.

  • We have this in our studio. Nice typography, portfolio and use of colour, but what’s with the really low-res screen for all the images? Shouldn’t a printer be showcasing good print quality?

  • Antonio says

    James I have some high-res images of the brochure that I’m going to post soon.

  • Hi Antonio
    Sorry — I mean the printed images within the brochure itself (not images on here). Really bad quality.