Nu 2009 Calendar


2009 calendar by a small design study in Brazil called Nu. It’s screenprinted on a 0.70 mm thick polypropylene sized at A1.

In portuguese, all days of the week, except for Saturday and Sunday, are referred to by numbers. Monday is Second, Tuesday is Third, etc.

The generous guys at Nu sent me a copy of each and they’re gorgeous up close.

You can check out the black version on my Flickr page.        

9 thoughts on “Nu 2009 Calendar

  1. Oh, that’s very classy and clean. One word to describe it: outstanding! if i could i would get 10 copies.

  2. I’ve known these 4 guys from NU DESIGN since they first started. Very young, very seriously creative guys. Awesome work! Hey, Daniel Kip, I have 2 of them! Keep it up NU!

  3. great!! clean and smart.
    i´ve the 2 versions with me.
    the white one is behind my desk and the black at home.

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