Bracket Vol. 02: Hunger

Bracket Vol. 2: Hunger

Bracket is a new publication that features everything in between. Ideas, voices and processes that are overlooked and under- appreciated. The collection features 8 volumes to be published from now until 2012 on topics from Craft, Hunger, Ethics to Spirit and Failure. The beautiful newsprint was designed by Felix Ng of Anonymous.

Issue 2 was just released and it’s on the topic of Hunger and features Seth Godin, John Maeda, HelloVon, Behance, This is Real Art, Ghostly International, Timothy Saccenti and more.

15 Uses for Newsprint


A bunch of illustrators and designers occupying The Pencil Factory in Brooklyn have put together 15 Uses for Newsprint, a promotional newsprint poster zine featuring their own work.

My good friend Alex Eben Meyer is one of the included illustrators and his piece (pictured here) is by far my favorite of them all. Not to say the others stink, there’s a bunch of great pieces included.

The zine includes pieces by Kim Bost, Josh Cochran, Jennifer Daniel, Gilbert Ford, Jessica Hische, Grady McFerrin, Ted McGrath, Alex Eben Meyer, Chris Silas Neal, Zacharia O’Hora, Leif Parsons, Rachel Salomon, Joel Speasmaker, Jillian Tamaki, or Sam Weber.

You can order 15 Uses for Newsprint for $10 and the first 100 orders get an original drawing by one of the artists.

You can peak at some more photos over at The Pencil Factory Flickr page.        

Null Acht Magazine


I have a certain obsession with magazine. Most of the time I could careless what the content is, I’m more concerned with the format and the design. For the most part, I buy magazines because they look pretty and the design inspires me.

Take this magazine for example. Null Acht is an Austrian newspaper/magazine about Soccer (Football for you folks over the pond) designed by Alois Gstöttner. I can’t read it and I’m not particularly interested in Soccer, unless of course it’s the World Cup and Italy is playing, but the design definitely gets my attention. I personally love when I see magazines like this where the design has been paid much attention. Monocle is another well designed magazine that comes to mind. Null Acht is absolutely stunning if ask me. I have to get my greedy little hands on a copy. You can see more images of the mag over at Form Fifty Five.

Also, check out magCulture, a blog about magazine and newspaper design.

On a side note, one of my graphic design dreams is to design a full magazine or newspaper and it might happen very soon. Stay tuned.        

Thinking For A Living Booklet


Here’s a recent addition to the AisleOne Bookshelf.

Created for the Dallas Society of Visual Communications 3rd Annual National Student Show & Conference, this companion booklet to was created by BBDK’s creative director Duane King. Sized at 6″ x 9″ and consisting of 42 pages, the booklet is printed on salmon colored newsprint using only Cyan and Magenta. It’s absolutely gorgeous in person and a must for any collection. Duane did an excellent job. You can purchase at copy at You Work For Them.

You can view more photos of the booklet on my Flickr page

Also, don’t forget to check out my interview with Duane King.