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Bernard Series 1227

Bernard Series 1227

Bernard Series 1227

Bernard Series 1227

Bernard Series 1227

Bernard Series 1227

I wrote about Bernard’s beautiful cycling kit a few years ago, and now they’ve released a new design with the Series 1227.

The series includes short sleeve jersey, bib shorts, wind vest and arm warmers, and are all made in Italy.

Founder and designer, Brandon Sincock, explains the design:

The new kit is an evolution of the original design – working with similar elements, and a shared design sensibility, but further exploring layering & the overlapping of elements as they wrap around the body, and transition from front to back. As well, color and typography are always key elements in our designs, and the way the designs play within the context of a rider’s unique position on the bike.

I’m a cyclist, and it’s hard to find clothing that is really well designed, and functional. Looks like Bernard is on the right track.

The great photography is by Jordan Clark Haggard.

Michael Kosmicki


Michael Kosmicki is a graphic design student at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, and his work simply blows me away. I’m amazed at how refined it is, but what I love the most is Michael’s classic sense of style. A lot of his pieces feel like they’re right out of the golden age of Swiss design. Perfect in every way. If we did any print work here, I’d hire this kid in a second.        



Excellent work by Berlin based studio, 123buero. I can get lost in their clean, minimal design.        

Magdalena Czarnecki


Yesterday, I received an email from Magdalena Czarnecki that she’d updated her site with new work. I checked it out and was immediately impressed with her work so I told her that I’d post about it today. I wake up today only to find that her work has been posted on many of the popular blogs. So much for being the first but it does prove how good her work is.

Anyway, check out her work, it’s excellent.