15/115 – The Book






15-115 (15 Years,115 Projects) is the second book from Graphic Designer Mark Bloom aka Mash Creative. It features 115 projects spanning a 15 year career to date, divided into three chapters: 15 x Posters, 80 x Logos and 25 x Case studies. The book also features a foreword from renowned designer and author David Airey.

The book is beautifully printed by Screaming Colour on a tactile mix of GFSmith papers, and features a white foiled cover with thread sewn spine for lay-flat spreads. Printed full colour throughout with fluorescent orange ink and logo throw out page.

You can pre-order a copy from thisisourshop.com.

Matthijs van Leeuwen


Matthijs van Leeuwen is a Netherlands based designer with a solid and diverse portfolio.

I really love portfolios like this. You can quickly scan the entire body of work and when you make a selection, you’re presented with a high-res photo of the piece. Those two elements are the key to a great online portfolio.        

Magdalena Czarnecki


Yesterday, I received an email from Magdalena Czarnecki that she’d updated her site with new work. I checked it out and was immediately impressed with her work so I told her that I’d post about it today. I wake up today only to find that her work has been posted on many of the popular blogs. So much for being the first but it does prove how good her work is.

Anyway, check out her work, it’s excellent.