Type Factory


Fascinating branding work by University College Falmouth student, Huda Abdul Aziz. Type Factory is a full branding project for a fictional typographic museum in South Kensington. The project was awarded a merit by ISTD. I think this is a great example of how masking parts of the characters can create an interesting form, while not disturbing the legibility of the type.

Here’s more from the designer about the idea behind the project:

The concept revolves around the theme of deconstruction. The brand values of the Type Factory identity are informative, engaging and dynamic. The brand promise is about seeing type differently. The design solution includes the logo, a booklet to promote the venue, advertising and applications within the museum.


Magdalena Czarnecki


Yesterday, I received an email from Magdalena Czarnecki that she’d updated her site with new work. I checked it out and was immediately impressed with her work so I told her that I’d post about it today. I wake up today only to find that her work has been posted on many of the popular blogs. So much for being the first but it does prove how good her work is.

Anyway, check out her work, it’s excellent.        

Matt Keers


You know you’ve found something special when you look at a portfolio and feel like you’ve been punched in the face and kicked in the baby maker. This is how I felt when I saw Matt Keers work yesterday. It’s amazing and he just graduated college. I wish I could hire this kid.