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NASA Graphic Standards Manual – 1976

NASA Graphic Standards Manual

As some of you already know, I’m a little obsessed with finding vintage design materials, especially graphics manuals like this one for the 1976 Montreal Olympics. So you can imagine how far my jaw dropped when I saw this 1976 NASA Graphics Standards Manual. Created by design firm Danne & Blackburn in 1975, this manual outlines the proper use of, in my opinion, one of the best brand identities of the last century. One lucky soul has managed to get some hi-res scans of the some of the pages. The hunt has officially begun.

UPDATE: Tim has kindly documented more pages from the manual, and posted them to his Flickr.

Lavafilm Identity

Lava Film Identity

Wonderful identity system by Henrik Wold Kraglund and Ludvig Bruneau Rossow for the Lavafilm film company.

The idea behind the identity:

The concept for Lavafilm’s identity is inspired by natural disasters, such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. During an earthquake, solid objects will divide and move to random positions. This has been the basis for the development of our solution.

Need Supply 2011 Spring Catalogue

Need Supply 2011 Spring Catalogue

Led by Gabriel Ricioppo, the internal design team at fashion boutique Need Supply have created a stellar brand identity. Their latest creation is this Spring catalogue that’s beautifully executed. What I love the most is the great photography, which Gabriel told me was all shot on film. You can see all the spreads here.

Certus Consultores Identity

Anagrama certus consultores

I very much enjoy this identity system for Certus Consultores created by Anagrama. It’s refined and sophisticated.

Via Iain Claridge

The Launch of Vetted


This new is about a week old, but I wanted to mention it to all of you because it’s something I’m personally proud of.

About a week ago, I launched a new venture. A lifestyle store called Vetted. Essentially, it’s a collection of goods that can compliment a modern way of life. From stationery to clothing, we look for unique goods that are exceptionally crafted and functional. We also offer a variety of independent magazines that you don’t find often at your local newsstand.

For the branding, which is actually still in development, I wanted to keep it extremely simple and stripped down. The triangle in the logo has two meanings: it represents a funnel, emphasizing the curation process we take, and it also a representation of a V. For the type treatment I went with Futura because it had the lines and the attitude that I was after. I did slight modifications to the E and D to make it feel more balanced with the triangle.

The simple, stripped-down aesthetic is carried into the site, and eventually will extended to other identity pieces.

All in all, it’s been a great experience so far and I’m excited to see where I’m going to take the brand.

As a small thank you to all of you loyal readers, I’ve setup a 15% discount code that you can use if you’d like. Just enter SHOPIFY70URPTIW at checkout.

Berg & Berg Identity

Hey days berg berg

Oslo based studio Hey Days was hired by fashion label Berg & Berg to develop a visual identity, which included stationery, packaging and a website. I’m in love with this identity and that logo is just perfect. Simple, clean, sophisticated.