Typographic Posters


Typographic Posters
is an excellent site by Andre Felipe that catalogs only graphical or typographical quality poster designs. Any design can apply and then be given access to the site where they can upload their own work.

It’s already shaping up to be an excellent collection with amazing work. Some notable additions include This Studio, David Barath, Michele Genghi, Toko and yours truly.

The poster pictured above is one I’ve been working on but still need to finish.        

80 20 100 Catalogue


Eye Magazine just posted some images of the Crouwel 80 20 100 exhibit catalogue designed by David Quay. Very nice indeed. I love how all the pages have a visible grid. One unfortunate thing about catalogue is that a good chunk of it is in black and white. Bummer.

You can download a PDF version of the catalogue to get a good look at it or you can order a copy for yourself and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.

The Vivid Gallery site has a small photo gallery of the event. I wish I were able to attend. Did anyone get to go? How was it?

Chaumont 2008


The 19th International Poster and Graphic Festival of Chaumont is paying tribute to one of my favorite inspirations of all time, Josef Müller-Brockmann. To accompany the festival this 288 page catalogue was designed by Wijntje Van Rooijen & Pierre Péronnet and features a section on the legendary Brockmann.

You can grab a copy over at YWFT and also check out this small Flickr gallery of the festival.        

Ringling College Admissions Catalog


This is probably the most beautiful college admissions catalogue I’ve ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous. It was designed by Lucas Human, Phil Clark, and Jenn Levreault during their senior year. The three traveled to Bologna, Italy to oversee the press check at Zincographica. You can request a free copy at www.ringling.edu.