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Made by Sawdust


Jonathan Quainton of Sawdust contacted me about their work and I quite impressed by it. They’re a London based firm that specializes in print design,
corporate identity and branding.

I’m personally drooling over this printed material pictured above promoting a bar in London.        

Jacqueline Evans


Talk about beautiful packaging. I love this packaging for Jacqueline Evans Naturopathic Skincare products designed by Australian firm Swear Words. The combination of the simple typography, the flour de lis and the excellent pastel colors not only look great but they also create a visual system that works well.

I’m really love pastel colors. I’ve been chatting with Duane King on how great these colors are and how little they’re used, especially on the web. Gotta work these colors into my next project.

Via Lovely Package        

Tom Crawshaw


Here is some excellent work by UK based designer, Tom Crawshaw. Pictured above is a gorgeous wedding invite printed on 540gsm duplexed Cool Grey and Mid Green Colorplan.        

Identity for Institut Parfumeur Flores


The talented chaps at Bunch have just completed an this elegant identity for Institut Parfumeur Flores. The elements included signage, bags, stickers, pencils, ribbons and labels. Simple. Clean. Beautiful. Just how design should be.        

Stereo Creative


Folks, sorry for the slow week. I got hammered at work and didn’t have much time to post. But I do have some juicy work from London based branding agency, Stereo. Pictured above is a nice site they’ve created for Consolidated PR, though I do see some widows in there. Also, be sure to check out the work they did for Half Each.        

Otl Aicher and the 1972 Munich Olympics


When it comes to my top three most influential designers of all time, the list includes Josef Muller-Brockmann, Wim Crouwel, and Otl Aicher.

Otl Aicher is a legendary designer and one of the most influential graphic designers of the 20th Century. He’s responsible for many incredible designs, but he’s most famous for the work he did for the 1972 Munich Olympics. He created a beautiful and elegant design system on top of a functional grid system for the entire games that covered all visual aspects including posters, books, catalogues, flags, mascots, medals, tickets and stationery.

To honor all this work and to create an ongoing collection, this site was created. The collection includes pieces that span the entire visual identity for the games, many of which I’ve never seen before.

A few months ago an exhibit was held in San Jose California that focused on all the work done by Aicher for the games. What I would have done to have been able to see it in person. If you’re one of the unlucky souls who wasn’t able to visit, there is a Flickr set of the exhibit.

Recently, I’ve become obsessed with obtaining items from the games. Considering that the Olympics happened in the 70’s and it’s become pretty popular among the design community, most of it is hard to find and expensive. I’ve managed to get my hands on a few things, which I’ll be photographing and adding to my Flickr page very soon, but my “holy grail” is Die Spiele (The Games), a 3 volume set covering the design, execution and usage of the entire visual identity for the games. It’s a damn gold mine! I’ve seen it on ebay only 3 times in the last year and all 3 times I’ve lost the auction because the price went too high. I’ll get a set one day. Anyway, here is a nice Flickr set showing the interior pages of Die Spiele. Get a bib because you’re going to drool.

The image above is the from the excellent Blanka Flickr set. You can also see more juicy stuff here and here and in the Otl Aicher Group.