3 thoughts on “Vormgevers Poster Details

  1. Duane thanks for that link. It’s great to read about what went into this. I’m really thinking about buying one, we’ll see. The thing is you have to consider the cost of a custom frame for this as well, which it deserves. At the end of the day this poster will probably cost me $300. The problem with me is that I procrastinate and never get my posters mounted. I have a bunch of posters that are just sitting there.

  2. Understood. I’ve got the same problem with framing needs. I also recently fell victim to the Massimo Vignelli NYC Subway Diagram redesign print which is enormous. I feel like I have to be a good steward and care for it properly now.

    On a side note, immediately after I received it in the post I saw it listed on ebay for 3 times what I paid for it.

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