13 thoughts on “Graphic Design Museum

  1. I was planning to go there tomorrow, I can take some pictues if you like? (and if it’s allowed)

    PS: I live in the same town, that make you jealous Antonio? 😉

  2. Ok I’ve only taken too quick pictures on the outside of the museum, because I’ve got to go to college first, in 5 hours time i’ll post the rest 🙂

  3. Renato, thanks for the offer! You’re too kind! If you’re ever in NYC shoot me an email and we’ll get some New York style pizza.

  4. the first thing come up on my mind about museum is old, antique items, I can’t imagine what kind of graphic design they have, could you please take some pictures 😛

  5. I see the 2concern;I am very y sad to hear that you got your Supra fixed: I remember reading about some of your questions2x !.

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