Graphic Design Museum


Today marks the opening of the Graphic Design Museum, the worlds first museum entirely focused on graphic design.

Damn it! I wish I lived in the Netherlands.

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  • Coen Zwaal says

    I was planning to go there tomorrow, I can take some pictues if you like? (and if it’s allowed)

    PS: I live in the same town, that make you jealous Antonio? 😉

  • Man… that is awesome. I wish it wasn’t a $1300 flight to get there. We need more of these. Pictures please!

  • Coen Zwaal says

    @ Peter, i’ll shoot some tomorrow

  • Antonio says

    Coen, yes I am very jealous! If you can grab some pics that would be amazing!

  • Ewout says

    Hm, make’s me curious! Ah, only takes 3 hours in the train 😉

  • Coen Zwaal says

    Ok I’ve only taken too quick pictures on the outside of the museum, because I’ve got to go to college first, in 5 hours time i’ll post the rest 🙂

  • Renato says

    Antonio, if you ever get to the Netherlands you’re welcome to drop by for some fine hospitality and design

  • Antonio says

    Renato, thanks for the offer! You’re too kind! If you’re ever in NYC shoot me an email and we’ll get some New York style pizza.

  • That’s great …….

    waiting for more images

  • the first thing come up on my mind about museum is old, antique items, I can’t imagine what kind of graphic design they have, could you please take some pictures 😛

  • Miranda says

    nice post mate…..


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