Helvetica Neue Descending A T-Shirt


Nice t-shirt available at the Typography Shop featuring Helvetica Neue in weights descending from Ultra Black 95 to Ultra Light 25.        

8 Comments on "Helvetica Neue Descending A T-Shirt"

  • I ordered one as soon as I saw it. According to an email I received, I was the second buyer. Haha.

  • Antonio says

    Haha! Nice! I have to place an order.

  • Just discovered your site and I love it. keep it up! love

  • Antonio says


  • Roman says

    God Bless, Linotype!

  • Patrick says

    Thanks so much for featuring us on your amazing site. Consider us honored.

    We’ve got a dozen more designs in the hopper and can’t wait to release them. Keep stopping by.



  • Antonio says

    Patrick, it was my pleasure.

  • Piotr says

    Great stuff, Antonio, as always. Thanks for this news. I just placed an order — luckily, they ship outside the US now.