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Established in 2001 by Michael C. Place, Build has since forged an international reputation as a forward-thinking Graphic Design studio with an exceptional eye for detail and a sense of style that transcends popular trends of graphic design. They believe good ideas can be applied to anything. Michael took a moment to answer a few questions for AisleOne.

How long have you been designing?
Left college in 1990, so 17 (and a bit years).

Who or what turned you on to graphic design?
I first heard the term in school, my art teacher saw the way I drew and asked if I had heard of “Graphic Design?, he lent me a book on the subject, I thought it was interesting. Then when I left school I did a foundation course, one of the modules was Graphic Design, I liked that the best and went on to study it at OND & HND.

Who or what are your influences?
One of the first was a guy called Rod Clark who designed a very forward thinking music magazine called “Underground?, an amazing proto-swiss-punk design. Malcolm Garrett for his Buzzcocks sleeves, but one of my biggest was Vaughan Oliver, his work for 4AD Records was (and still is) breathtaking.

What is your favorite typeface?
I’m not sure, that changes from day-to-day.


What is your favorite color palette to work with?
Black & White (is that a colour palette?).

Can you explain your creative process from brief to completion?
I’m guessing it’s really no different from most peoples, read the brief, think, sketch, think, procrastinate, sketch, think, procrastinate, present, refine, finish.

Do you use a grid system when designing and how do you feel about them?
Sometimes, depends on the project.

Who do you feel is currently doing innovative work?
I’m really enjoying the work of Stockholm Design Lab.


What are you working on now?
A set of 3 EPs for Flying Lotus, identity for Generation Press, planning for 2 book projects, 1 pitch, 3 big projects we can’t discuss and trying to shift a flu-virus.

What is your favorite color?
Blue or Black.

What is your favorite album?
I don’t have a favourite album, I have hundreds of favourite albums, I would feel that I would be letting someone down by singling out just one. At the moment I’m really enjoying ‘Pop Ambient 2008’.

What is your favorite movie?
Anything that contains the following–
Dinosaurs, spaceships, time-travel (backwards & forwards), aliens, cowboys & indians, vampires, vampire hunters, robots, laser-guns, light-sabres, submarines, flying cars, talking animals & Robert DeNiro.

Intervista is a series of interviews conducted for AisleOne with some of todays top talents in graphic design.


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  1. Nice interview indeed. I must say I agree with Build on SDL, they have some fantastic work, the perfect balance between corporate and boundary-pushing.

  2. David, he’s a busy guy but he’ll definitely get back to you. He’s pretty cool.

    Sandro, I agree. They have some nice work.

  3. Great designer to get an interview of Antonio! Nice to also see some of his work that I hadn’t come across so far.

  4. The Helvetica Timeline is actually included in the Helvetica Limited Edition DVD. It’s letter-pressed and looks gorgeous.

  5. the helvetica timeline is my favorite card in the helvetica box set. when i opened it up and saw that, it was just perfect.

  6. I agree, he is a rather busy man,
    I was just afraid he deleted it!
    By the way, Dan @ dirtymouse left you a comment regarding the Spin Monograph on September Industry.

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