BAQ Rounded

BAQ Rounded

Alex Haigh wrote in to tell me about a new typeface he’s created called BAQ Rounded that is available for purchase. His portfolio is always worth a look.        

5 Comments on "BAQ Rounded"

  • Nate says

    Has anyone tried to buy this with success?I paid for it last week and got nothing in return, no email, download link or anthing?

  • Antonio says

    I haven’t tried to purchase it. Did you contact the seller?

  • Hello Nate,

    Firstly, huge apologies if we missed you off the list. If you’d be so kind as to pop me an email ([email protected]) I will send you the file straight away, thank you Nate and sorry for the delay,

    Kind Regards

  • Linzi says

    Hi – ive just paid for this font. i desperately need it for my major project and only have a few days to complete it so f you could email me with the link asap that would be great.

    thanks alot


  • Antonio says

    LInzi, I don’t sell this font. You have to contact Alex Haigh.