iPhone Web Clip Icons

iPhone Web Clip Icons

With the introduction of Web Clips in the iPhone 1.1.3 a new craze as been born for Web Clip icons. You can create custom icons for sites you own, sites in subdirectories and sites to which you have no server access to, like The New York Times. Very exciting indeed! Hopefully soon everyone will get on the bandwagon and create their own icons, but in the meantime I’ve gone ahead and created some for popular sites. I’ve created icons for Flickr, FFFFound, Media Temple, Bank of America, Fandango, IMDB and The New York Times. You can download a zip file which includes all of these icons. I’ve also set up an icon for AisleOne so when you create a Web Clip to this site, it will automatically use it.

Here’s a little tip if you want to create some on your own: The default size seems to be 57×57 but it was later discovered that a 60×60 image creates a much shaper icon.        

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  1. Great news! The version 2 software fixes the problem with the icons not actually rendering at 57×57. Unfortunately, icons that used the “rounded border” now don’t render correctly. I’ve posted some sample 57×57 grid and checkerboard images at my website.

    Web Clip icons for 2.0

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