Buddy Carr 66 Signature Model


The “66” is the latest skateboard I designed for Buddy Carr Skateboards. It’s Buddy’s signature model, so he’ll be ripping it up on one at the pools across SoCal.

Lately, Buddy and I have been inspired by GP racing graphics from the 60s and 70s. I’ve always loved the light blue and orange color scheme of the Ford GT40 Gulf Oil, so I used that as inspiration for this board. The design morphed into the final angled version after a few rounds of ideas that played off the simple classic racing graphics. The text is set in Univers Ultra Condensed, which really compliments the design.

As always, it was a blast designing this. You can check out more photos and info or buy a complete at Buddy Carr Skateboards.

Happy Holidays


So, another year has passed. I want to thank you all for making this site what it is today. I also want to wish you and your families a healthy and happy holidays.

I’m going to take the next few days off, but I’ll be back next week with more design goodness. In the meantime, I leave you with this sneak peak of the latest Buddy Carr skateboard that I had the pleasure of designing. More to come in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

L’Esigenza Della Velocità


Buddy Carr Skateboards just released L’Esigenza Della Velocità, a new longboard that I designed for them. The board features an innovative flush mount truck system that lowers the deck height, giving the rider better stability and control.

In Italian, “L’Esigenza Della Velocità” means “The Needs for Speed”, and that’s were I pulled most of my inspiration from. I’ve always been inspired by the beautiful graphic design and gorgeous color palettes present on racing cars from the 60’s and 70’s, and I tried to pay tribute to that minimal aesthetic is this design. It represents a time when graphic design was simpler and not bloated like it is today.

For the colors, I’ve been wanting to use a fluorescent Pantone for sometime now and the color Pantone 805 seemed to make sense for this piece. Coupled with a dark gray, I think it created a nice modern touch to the retro design. 805 is stunning in person.

For the layout, I composed the elements using the Golden Ratio. Might seem like overkill for something like this but it presented a pretty interesting composition that felt balanced to me. Here’s a screenshot of the guides in my Illustrator file that I created using the Golden Ratio. Because of the limited space on skateboards, I usually end up cropping elements to create a more interesting visual. I tried layouts where all the elements lived within the space, but that felt too unnatural and claustrophobic. Having elements bleed off the skateboard gives a sense of openness that I prefer. The checkered flag graphic and 805 color are continued onto the wheels to give the package a unified look.

When it came time to think about the typography, I knew that I wanted to design a typeface myself. Taking inspiration from vintage racing graphics, I designed a sans-serif that exhibits contemporary features, but that still retains that vintage feel. At least I think it does. My plan is to create a full typeface out of this, but we’ll see how that goes.

As with the other boards I’ve designed for Buddy, this was blast to do and I’m looking forward to creating some new designs for the lineup. We’re already in early phases of a new deck that continues this retro race aesthetic. Stay tuned!

For more pictures of the Velocita board, and to buy one, head over to the Buddy Carr site.      

Buddy Carr 39 Longboard


I’ve been a busy bee lately.

I’m pleased to announce that the 39 longboard I designed for Buddy Carr is now a reality.

When Buddy contacted me almost a year ago, I knew right away that our collaboration would produce work that would make us both happy. Designing the Hello skateboard and the 39 Longboard have both been the most satisfying projects I’ve ever worked on and I’m pretty happy with the results. Working with Buddy has been an absolute honor and pleasure.

When we began thinking about the 39, Buddy told me that he wanted it to be a mix of classic surf graphics with a modern touch. I did some research and I was really inspired by the simple, two-tone surf designs from the 50’s and 60’s. The shape of the board also takes its queue from the same era, featuring a classic pintail shape. For the type, I wanted to use a typeface that had a mix of both classic and modern, so I decided on Modern No. 20, which I think works perfectly. Also, believe it or not, I used a grid system for this design. Worked like a charm, even on a shape like this. Overall, I think it’s a nice package, but most important, it rides like a dream.

You can grab one over at the Buddy Carr site. Enjoy, the ride.        

Black Hello T-Shirt Now Available

A lot of people have been asking and now they’re finally here. Hello T-shirts in Black are now available from Buddy Carr Skateboards. The white version has also been restocked and we still have some Hello Skateboards left. Hurry up and grab them before they’re gone!

Screen Printed on 100% Combed Ringspun Cotton
Super-soft, Lightweight, Slimfit
Machine Washable and Preshrunk to Minimize Shrinkage
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
Color: Black, White

Buy it Now        

Hello T-Shirt Now Available


A Hello t-shirt was inevitable. The concept works on a shirt and I must say it turned out great. Working with Buddy Carr on this project has been a dream come true and it is great when the client just gets it. Buddy gets it.

The shirt is now available for $22 plus shipping and is also available as a package which includes the Hello Skateboard.

You can see more photos of the shirt and the sweet packaging it comes in on the site.

Here are the details:

Screen Printed on 100% Combed Ringspun Cotton
Super-soft, Lightweight, Slimfit
Machine Washable and Preshrunk to Minimize Shrinkage
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
Color: White

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