Buddy Carr 39 Longboard


I’ve been a busy bee lately.

I’m pleased to announce that the 39 longboard I designed for Buddy Carr is now a reality.

When Buddy contacted me almost a year ago, I knew right away that our collaboration would produce work that would make us both happy. Designing the Hello skateboard and the 39 Longboard have both been the most satisfying projects I’ve ever worked on and I’m pretty happy with the results. Working with Buddy has been an absolute honor and pleasure.

When we began thinking about the 39, Buddy told me that he wanted it to be a mix of classic surf graphics with a modern touch. I did some research and I was really inspired by the simple, two-tone surf designs from the 50’s and 60’s. The shape of the board also takes its queue from the same era, featuring a classic pintail shape. For the type, I wanted to use a typeface that had a mix of both classic and modern, so I decided on Modern No. 20, which I think works perfectly. Also, believe it or not, I used a grid system for this design. Worked like a charm, even on a shape like this. Overall, I think it’s a nice package, but most important, it rides like a dream.

You can grab one over at the Buddy Carr site. Enjoy, the ride.