Braun Brochures

Braun Brochures

I stumbled upon these Braun brochures on the Das Programm’s Flickr and I love them. There are two distinct designs at work here, but they’re both well-done. Great photography, color and the product is king. Wish I knew who designed these, but if I had to guess I’d say they were done by Wolfgang Schmittel. Anyone know for sure?

Massimo Vignelli’s Unigrid System



In 1977, Massimo Vignelli designed the Unigrid System for the National Park Service. The module grid system sized at ISO A2 (16.5? × 23.4?or 420mm × 594mm) allowed the NPS to created brochures in ten basic formats and to keep a consistent, recognizable structure across all it’s materials. Not to mention how economical the system has been for them. The grid features a black bar at the top and bottom with text set in Helvetica in the header bar.

It’s pretty incredible how the Unigrid is still in use today. It just goes to shows how flexible a grid system can be when properly designed.

Issue Journal has an in-depth article on the Unigrid and you can see the grid in action in this Flick group. Also, check out this larger scale redraw of the grid.




Press 1

Press 1 is a brochure featuring recent work printed by Team Impression. Printed on GF Smith Colourplan Yellow Sorbet 135gsm, Press 1 features work by Design Project, Spin, Saturday, Six and Made Thought.

I wish there were more detailed shots of the brochure but I checked the TI site and didn’t find any reference to it. I’d love to get a copy it as well.

UPDATE: I was sent some hi-res images from the guys at Six, so I’ll be posting them tomorrow.

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Vintage Citroen Brochures


I found this amazing archive of old Citroen brochures from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with beautiful cover designs. The 70’s are definitely the best with the 50’s and 60’s containing some gems as well but the 80’s are mostly terrible. I love how these designs are timeless and look as if they were created today.