Hello: A Limited Edition Buddy Carr Skateboard


I’m finally back up! Sorry for the downtime folks and thanks for being so patient. Now that the site is working again, I can finally post about a new project I’ve been working on.

For the past few months I’ve been working with Buddy Carr Skateboards on a limited edition skateboard. Buddy contacted me about doing a complete that exhibited a design not really found in the skate industry. He also wanted it to be a prime example of a well functioning skateboard. Form follows function is the idea behind this project.

Buddy commissioned me to not only design the deck and wheel graphics, but also the shape of the board itself. I grew up skating in the 80’s so the classic shapes are what I find more interesting, which led me to the “stinger” type design for the board. Along with the ultra turning geometry trucks and the soft wheels, this is going to be a great cruiser. I haven’t ridden it yet but according to Buddy, it’s an awesome ride.

For the graphics, Buddy and I agreed that something minimal and typographic would be interesting and unique. I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of saying “Hello” in different languages and this was also a nice way of introducing the collaboration to not only the skate world, but to the design world as well. It’s all designed on a very simple grid and set in the lovely Avant Garde.

The wheels and deck we’re just finished and the grip is in production right now. The complete should be available next month, once I get the site and everything else in place. Only 100 are being made and will be priced a little more than your average skateboard.

Keep checking back, I’ll make an announcement once it’s available. In the meantime you can see some more pics here.        

25 thoughts on “Hello: A Limited Edition Buddy Carr Skateboard

  1. Wow! That is one badass looking board! Good job on the layout Antonio. I’d love to see how the t-shirt comes out too.


  2. Looks amazing! Right now my longboard is pretty much my primary form of transportation, and I need a new one. But this is almost too beautiful to ride.

    What size are those wheels?

  3. If I would be a skater, I’d so buy that!

    Great to see your blog up and running again.
    Now I’m just wondering if your mail works.

  4. Wow, the skateboard design is so cool!
    Avant Garde just keeps getting better and better, somehow.
    Did you decide to eliminate the counter-shapes in the “e” and “o,” like you have in one of the flickr images? It’s a cool idea.
    Congrats on a great design, I love it!

  5. Rob, for the griptape, yes we had to eliminate the counters. Otherwise there would have to be a small bridge connecting them to the rest of the grip and it looked ugly.

  6. I’ve been watching this site via RSS for a while now and never posted. But this has me really excited. If I can get my hands on one of these, I’m not riding it. The shape reminds me of some of the stuff that I’ve seen Gravity Skateboards put out. Awesome!

  7. I have a long board right now, but this just blows me away. Given my addiction to all things ‘type’, this is a must have.

    Curious to know how limited ‘limited’ is? Any clues on quantities or maybe an ability to pre-order one? I for one would gladly put down a holding deposit. 🙂

    Very very nice work with the design both cosmetically and shape.


  8. Man, thanks for this ride. Like the control plus the freedom of unexpected speed. Must be some boiled okra bearings you got in this joint. Smooth. My neighbors can’t hear me riding it in the house. One thing: It’s mighty purdy. Thinking of copping another one to put on the street. My smooth gauge may be a bit off as my normal getaround looks like this: http://wardley.org/boards/dirtboard.html …I live in a dirty city. It’s perfect for an uninterrupted ride. Again, much obliged.


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