New Rail Alphabet


New Rail Alphabet is a revival of the typeface used for the British Rail that was designed by Margaret Calvert in the late 60’s. The original consisted of two versions but this new version is available in 6 weights: Off White, Light, Medium, Bold and Black.

I love it. A nice alternative to Helvetica.        

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  • Dav says

    Pretty odd ‘Old Style Figures’.

    (If you are interested in another rather unseen alternate to Helvetica / Univers, try to find some images and info of / on ‘Forma’, a to this date not officially/legally digitized / digital typeface, created ‘back then’, in metal type days, by the dudes at Nebiolo Type Foundry.)

  • It’s lovely. There’s a good article about this over at Eye Magazine, though unfortunately they’re only printing an excerpt of the full article online. So to read it you’ll need to buy a copy of the magazine itself…which wouldn’t be a bad thing, really!

  • J says

    For £1000 pounds for the package? probably stick with helvetica thanks.

    I appreciate the effort this must involve to reproduce and sure its great but why are fonts so expensive? I just don’t get it.

  • Santi says

    Off topic but it looks like your CSS is jacked.
    I’m viewing the site on a PC runnign windows XP using Google Chrome

    PS: Love the site

  • Santi says

    Much Better

  • neville brody says

    More bullshit… use Helvetica like hell, kic

  • Kelvin says

    I was quite excited when the “download now” email arrived earlier in the week, but then I saw the price. I’m not going to be using it for the project I had in mind, far too pricey. A shame.

  • Rob says

    A grand!

    I’d rather buy a Rolex thanks.

  • Sandro says

    when you think better it comes to modified Helvetica with oldstyle figures.

  • I am in love with the uppercase J. I’m not sure why. I also like the old-style figures.

  • Ian says

    Way too expensive – I will also be sticking to my mac system Helvetica.
    The face does look pretty – like a clumsy unrefined Helvetica.

    When I need something like Helvetica but with a twist – I use Helvetica Textbook Roman, it drops in a few alternate characters. It’s great.