12 thoughts on “New Rail Alphabet

  1. Pretty odd ‘Old Style Figures’.

    (If you are interested in another rather unseen alternate to Helvetica / Univers, try to find some images and info of / on ‘Forma’, a to this date not officially/legally digitized / digital typeface, created ‘back then’, in metal type days, by the dudes at Nebiolo Type Foundry.)

  2. It’s lovely. There’s a good article about this over at Eye Magazine, though unfortunately they’re only printing an excerpt of the full article online. So to read it you’ll need to buy a copy of the magazine itself…which wouldn’t be a bad thing, really!

  3. For £1000 pounds for the package? probably stick with helvetica thanks.

    I appreciate the effort this must involve to reproduce and sure its great but why are fonts so expensive? I just don’t get it.

  4. Off topic but it looks like your CSS is jacked.
    I’m viewing the site on a PC runnign windows XP using Google Chrome

    PS: Love the site

  5. I was quite excited when the “download now” email arrived earlier in the week, but then I saw the price. I’m not going to be using it for the project I had in mind, far too pricey. A shame.

  6. Way too expensive – I will also be sticking to my mac system Helvetica.
    The face does look pretty – like a clumsy unrefined Helvetica.

    When I need something like Helvetica but with a twist – I use Helvetica Textbook Roman, it drops in a few alternate characters. It’s great.

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