System Meltdown

Well, that sucked. Media Temple’s servers fell off the grid last night, rendering this site dead. We’re back online now, well sort off. Some pages and images are missing. Apparently the site was on an old server that’s on it’s way out and they’re now migrating the AisleOne to a new, faster and more reliable server. I hope this fixes any future problems. I really apologize for the inconvenience and hopefully the site will be in full swing tomorrow morning. Thank you for your patience.


So, the site is still not 100% restored but it’s very close. I’m hoping it all back up by the morning. Hang in there folks, it’s almost over. Hopefully when it’s all done the site will be faster and more stable. Really sorry for the downtime. We’ll get back to design goodness very soon. Promise!


9 thoughts on “System Meltdown

  1. hahahaha, the same with me. Mine and a bunch of my client’s sites are still offline. But the REAL problem lies on the email though, they are not working as well.

    And now after more than a day without email I’m wondering: How depended I am on emails!!
    That’s an average of 30 emails a day. That’s horrible, and I can’t imagine how many hours I spend a day just emailing. If I make some maths it can go as high as 5 hours a day!

    You know what: everyone should reconsider the web use — twittering, facebooking, and emailing drains out our day.

    get out there

  2. Well said André!

    We seemed to be left out of this latest MT melt down!? A few weeks back our server was down for at least 12 hours. I certainly expected more from a hosting company with such a massive reputation. But they never even got back to us about the whole thing… just pretended it never happened.

  3. Yep, I’m in the same boat, too (victim of Segment.01). This is wildly frustrating. Antonio, for what it’s worth, I believe the case of your missing images-and-pages is that MT is holding off on a “full data merge” (according to their blog) until all of our Segment.01 brethren have been fully restored. So, sometime within today (crosses fingers). (For instance, the two most-important directories that power my blog were created within the last 2 months, so they’re still AWOL from my site. Hence a new, frantic, under-construction landing page.) Anyway, I think they’ve restored our databases, which is why the content/categorization/visibility of your posts has remained intact, despite the framework around it only as recent as a few months ago.

    Keep up the patience, and the great posts!

  4. MT Sucks… 🙂
    I had been on their Grid service for a couple years and never happy with it. Site was slow, went down sometimes. I switched a couple months ago and haven’t been happier.

  5. Antonio, my grid is back but I lost all my emails and they restored from a backup FROM 3 MONTHS AGO!!!

    The same could have happened to you. The database is intact but all the images from march till now should be gone.

    good luck!

  6. Sounds like the same kind of problems that I had with MediaTemple about a year ago. I ended up defecting to WebFaction and I’ve been content ever since.

    Hopefully MediaTemple will get their act together with the major upgrades that are launching later this year.

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