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Elegant Stationery


This new stationary by Xavier Encinas is very simple but at the same time very elegant. Some people might accuse this of not being “designed” but to me the most talented designers can take something so simple and make it extraordinary.

Xavier had these letterpress on 700gr Sirio black paper with silver ink and set everything in Helvetica Neue Bold.        

Thompson Brand Partners


Exceptional portfolio by this UK branding agency.        

Projekttriangle Design Studio


Excellent portfolio by Stuttgart based studio Projekttriangle.

This was sent in by a reader but I forgot who. Sorry!        



OPX in London is made up of 13 people that create some fresh and exciting work. They just finished design and development of a site for a London based music venue and nightclub (designed by Pentagram) called “matter”.        

Sam Mallett


Sam Mallett is another recent graduate with tons of talent. I’ve been meaning to write about Sam’s work every since falling in love with his Haas Grotesk/Helvetica poster.