Unit: Design/Research 02 – Space & Structure


Issue two of the excellent newspaper series by Unit Editions takes a look at Form, a quarterly art magazine published in Great Britain between 1966 and 1969. The magazine includes an interview with Philip Steadman, co-editor, publisher and designer of the magazine.

I’ve seen only a handful of copies of Form for sale over the last few years, but never picked one up. That has now changed. This is probably going to be my new obsession.

U:D/R 02 is edited by Tony Brook & Adrian Shaughnessy, and designed by the awesome studio Spin. The newspaper is 64pp, 4-colour tabloid (folded to 290 x 190mm) with card wrapper printed 1 PMS. You can grab a copy for £7.50.        

Null Acht Magazine


I have a certain obsession with magazine. Most of the time I could careless what the content is, I’m more concerned with the format and the design. For the most part, I buy magazines because they look pretty and the design inspires me.

Take this magazine for example. Null Acht is an Austrian newspaper/magazine about Soccer (Football for you folks over the pond) designed by Alois Gstöttner. I can’t read it and I’m not particularly interested in Soccer, unless of course it’s the World Cup and Italy is playing, but the design definitely gets my attention. I personally love when I see magazines like this where the design has been paid much attention. Monocle is another well designed magazine that comes to mind. Null Acht is absolutely stunning if ask me. I have to get my greedy little hands on a copy. You can see more images of the mag over at Form Fifty Five.

Also, check out magCulture, a blog about magazine and newspaper design.

On a side note, one of my graphic design dreams is to design a full magazine or newspaper and it might happen very soon. Stay tuned.        

Pentagram Redesigns the Khaleej Times


Luke Hayman and Paula Scher of the New York Pentagram office have redesigned the Persian Gulf’s leading English language newspaper, the Khaleej Times. The new design makes use of the space saving typeface, Freight by Joshua Darden, and a wider 6 column grid.

I’d love to one day redesign a newspaper. Text and grid heavy project is paradise.

Via AceJet170