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I have a certain obsession with magazine. Most of the time I could careless what the content is, I’m more concerned with the format and the design. For the most part, I buy magazines because they look pretty and the design inspires me.

Take this magazine for example. Null Acht is an Austrian newspaper/magazine about Soccer (Football for you folks over the pond) designed by Alois Gstöttner. I can’t read it and I’m not particularly interested in Soccer, unless of course it’s the World Cup and Italy is playing, but the design definitely gets my attention. I personally love when I see magazines like this where the design has been paid much attention. Monocle is another well designed magazine that comes to mind. Null Acht is absolutely stunning if ask me. I have to get my greedy little hands on a copy. You can see more images of the mag over at Form Fifty Five.

Also, check out magCulture, a blog about magazine and newspaper design.

On a side note, one of my graphic design dreams is to design a full magazine or newspaper and it might happen very soon. Stay tuned.        

9 thoughts on “Null Acht Magazine

  1. Thanks for the link. Very nice magazine bog.
    I am finish designing a new fashion magazine. It will be release this january.
    I will get you posted. I think you’ll like it 🙂

  2. i totally have the same dream to publish a magazine. but i know it’s a money sinker. at least the nicely designed ones. so i look fwd to yours if you get it off the ground. i also buy magazines for the design. i don’t even read them half the time. just look at the format and admire.

    thanks for the blog link!

  3. Can’t wait to see your magazine design. Does it include the new typeface you’ve been working on?

    Thanks for posting Null Acht magazine article. Not sure if it’s the same designer, but it looks identical to Fantastic Man Magazine. ( Knock off or the same designer – either way it’s sad to see such a blatant replica.

    Still like the design though!

  4. Lee, if I finish up the new typeface in time I will definitely use it for the magazine.

    As for the Fantastic Man mag, not sure I would say that it’s a blatant rip off. There are similarities but I think Null Acht has a unique design.

  5. Agreed. Maybe I was overreacting initially. I just think that the whole “double line, single thick line” in layouts has reached a saturation point.

    I remember when I first saw it – oddly enough (or not so odd), it was in a book store in San Francisco a few years back – Butt Magazine. I thought the layout and the use of the pink paper was really well thought out. It sort of turned what a soft porn magazine should look like on it’s head.

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