Null Acht Magazine


I have a certain obsession with magazine. Most of the time I could careless what the content is, I’m more concerned with the format and the design. For the most part, I buy magazines because they look pretty and the design inspires me.

Take this magazine for example. Null Acht is an Austrian newspaper/magazine about Soccer (Football for you folks over the pond) designed by Alois Gstöttner. I can’t read it and I’m not particularly interested in Soccer, unless of course it’s the World Cup and Italy is playing, but the design definitely gets my attention. I personally love when I see magazines like this where the design has been paid much attention. Monocle is another well designed magazine that comes to mind. Null Acht is absolutely stunning if ask me. I have to get my greedy little hands on a copy. You can see more images of the mag over at Form Fifty Five.

Also, check out magCulture, a blog about magazine and newspaper design.

On a side note, one of my graphic design dreams is to design a full magazine or newspaper and it might happen very soon. Stay tuned.